HR Total Reward Professional 

Interim and Consulting

Areas where I can help you move forward and grow performance...

Capacity need and Capability building. To continue or speed up your C&B activities. As well as to develop and help to improve your C&B team.

Examples: Annual cycles, develop new plans, project, ad-hoc needs.

Collaboration. Working in close and open partnership with you and your team members.
Being part of it! Do understand your need to customize and move-forward!
With stakeholders in HR and business leaders.

Interdependencies. One team One company. 

Work with, align and understand the related functions i.e. HR, Talent management, Finance, Legal, Tax, Procurement.

Risk assessment and reduction. Compliance and governance. Executive committee, Remuneration committee, annual report, shareholder meeting.

Working across boundaries, boarders and cultures. Let’s become one. Through structure, strategy, principles, processes etc. Transformation, change and project management are a constant factor today.

Organization, structure. Implementing Centers of Expertise and Shared services. Reorganizations in Total Rewards and HR as well as supporting business reorganization through job architecture/evaluations.

Align your Total Reward plans and programs as well as your Operations. Why duplicate and complicate. Alignment of STI, LTI plans and tools. Salary structure. Job evaluation architecture. Annual salary review principles, calculations, process and deliverables.

Communication. Compensation & Benefits complexity in simple wordings, graphs and at management's ease.

Knowledge sharing and transition. To team members and most of all the stakeholders in our organizations. Is an incubator for Talent management and succession planning.

Integration and harmonization of employee terms & conditions. For cost effectiveness and M&A activities. This comes with analysis, scenario calculations, side-by-side individual comparisons, risk assessment.

Employee Benefits. In the fields of Risk assessment, reduction, de-risking. Multinational pooling. Benefits committee.

International mobility / assignments.