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Reward Runway Interim & Consulting

Is operating within the Human Resources profession and with a strong link to Finance, Legal and Tax.

Reward Runway is leveraging and developing your Total Rewards related needs and requests. By providing customized, realistic, quantitative, scenario, knowledgeable, simple solutions. Coming from a broader picture of context with robust details underneath.

Reward Runway has partnerships with HR Consulting firms / boutiques. Which gives your reach into a network of the big HR consultancy firms, senior Rewards people, across several geographies.

It represents an end-to-end approach re policy/plans - processes - systems/tools - people & communication - implementation & deployment.

Embedded in governance and compliance to reduce risk and elevate transparency.


Details that make the difference ie metrics, measurement, analytics, parameters, criteria, guidance.

Presented in a light and simple way.


  • Global Total Remuneration concept philosophy and principles. Like common job grading structure, salary ranges, variable pay plans STI and LTI.

  • Executive compensation.

  • Annual cycles i.e. compensation review.

  • Corporate governance i.e. Remuneration Committee topics, compliance.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions due-diligence, harmonization and integration.

  • International Mobility i.e. assignment policies and processes.

  • Benefits harmonization and risk-reduction.

  • HR Audits and Risk-assessments i.e. compliance and liabilities.

  • Reorganization restructuring and reengineering projects i.e. HR Transformation, shaping a Center-of-Expertise structure.